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June 20, 2008


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That was an excellent interview. I've come to really admire both you and JJ through the AW blog comment blitz, which is especially wonderful, since I write NF, and am rarely..okay the fiction forum. I'm looking forward to the release of his book, and knowing my DH's taste in books, it's going to make a great Father's Day present for next year. (Don't worry, I haven't given anything away...he's not on the blogosphere. LOL.)

JJ Cooper

Hi clipboard,

No, haven't experienced writer's block. I do tend to spend some time linking the sub-plots and detail. This is normally done just staring at the screen or re-reading some of the WIP.

I haven't ever felt like I can't write anymore. I love writing and where it takes my imagination. Even if I hadn't landed my deals, I'd be writing for the love of it. I never started out thinking I'd be published. I just had the goal of writing a book. I think this took all of the pressure away from thinking it needed to be a bestseller or anything like that. I write what I know and in the style that I like to read. I think it would be more accurate to say there has been times where I thought I couldn't edit anymore. That's the tough part. Good luck with your writing.


JJ Cooper

Hi Mike,

It's a tough balance, I know. I spent a considerable amount of time at the beginning of my journey learning as much as I could from the AbsoluteWrite forum. It is an invaluable tool for everything you need to know from starting a novel to getting a manuscript out to agents and/or publishers. Lots of professional writers of all genre ready to help out those just starting.

I still work full-time and have a family to consider. I have maybe two or three hours of a night to write/blog and research.

The AbsoluteWrite forum can become addictive because it is huge and has so much information to absorb. I highly recommend it. Good luck with your writing and finding the right balance. Stay determined and you'll get there.




My novel is still a WIP. I'm working with an editor now.

Thx for asking.



Was there ever a moment during your writing that you had writer's block? Or when you said, "I can't write anymore?"

Mike Towson

JJ --

If I only had your luck! I'm also in the process of writing a novel. I don't have time to sit with a Writers' Group. You mentioned that you and Caroline are members of AbsoluteWrite. Is this something that requires you to spend an enormous amount of time with a group? I work and have a family. I can't sacrifice this amount of time yet.

Where can I go to find information on getting manuscipts ready for agents?

Caroline --
This is a great interview. I read on your website that you're working on a novel. When will we see that?

Kelli Stanley

Wonderful interview, and huge congrats, JJ!!

Your character sounds like a wonderful part for Eric Bana ... or my favorite actor, Russell Crowe.

Baz Luhrmann, can you hear me? ;)


Hey, great interview! Although I don't read thrillers, this interview has piqued my curiosity, and since he's an AWer, I'll have to buy it, it's like a rule or something. So I can blame both of you if this book scars my gentle soul. ;)

rebecca cantrell

Great interview! Wonderful and thoughtful questions. Keep us all in the loop as you step through the journey to publication.

JJ Cooper

Hi Denise,

I am at the editing stage with my publishers, so I won't be putting up any excerpts until that's complete. It will be something we consider as we get closer to release time. May I suggest you have a look at the International Thriller Writers site ( It has links to the best thriller writers in the world and I know a lot of them have excerpts on their individual sites. Also, check out the Debut Authors page on the site for the future stars of the thriller genre. You'll love it. Thanks for commenting.


JJ Cooper

Thanks for letting me participate, Caroline.

Luke, I suppose my critiques do come across as a little harsh at times. Probably comes from my times as an instructor giving feedback to my interrogation trainees. I believe the business of writing and seeking publication is difficult. No room to not be expecting some tough critiques in my opinion. The first critique of my work was very sobering. I honestly thought I had a great product. Not so. After that first critique I went back and learnt the basics all over again. I absorbed myself in research about the art. I read selected thrillers (the most popular in the Point of View I was writing). Thank you for your kind comments Luke. Never too late to go back and review that critique I gave. Feel free to contact me should you like some clarification on what I wrote. Good luck with your writing and stay determined.


Luke Stiles


I'm a little embarrassed to say that I took offense to one of the critiques you provided in an AW forum. Now, I feel totally stupid. I should have listened to you. Who new that you were on your way to stardom :-) This sounds like a movie in the making

Denise Linken


I am a suspense/thriller reader. Are there any excerpts that I can view?

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