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November 05, 2008


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"Caroline, this was very well-written.I really enjoyed what you had to say.I too, voted for Barack/Biden.Do i think, that he will be able to solve all of our problems as a nation?No,by no means.What, i am saying, is that:He was the better choice.I liked John McCain.I didn't have a problem with him, other than the fact:He voted with Bush 90% of the time. His choice, of a running mate,definitely raised eyebrows.I liked the way, that you just said:He is not your Saviour!That said it all!Many people,are looking to him, as that.He is an American president;not a,for black folks president."


The manager where I currently work asked me, "What do you think people saw in Obama?" I said, people who didn't get to know him until the fall, especially in the debates, saw a man who thinks before he acts, and once he's made up his mind, will act decisively. The manager agreed. (If it matters, he has a congenital melanin deficiency, and used to work for Virginia DMV). Rep. Rangel, asked if Pres. Bush had done anything positive, answered that "He's shattered the myth of white supremacy once and for all." That was on the negative end of proof. Barack Obama wasn't the "black candidate," he was everyone's candidate, he had to be, but he has shattered the myth on the positive side, and we can all be proud of that, praise Jesus.

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