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March 23, 2009


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Caroline, if you choose Open ID and then Typepad, you should be able to comment. Or anonymous, or name.


It is probably asking for a Blogger ID, and you are typepad, but you should be able to use Open ID or some option like that. Try clicking the buttons and options, something should get through.



Thanks for always encouraging me. I visit your blog often, but I can never post a comment because it asks for passwords, etc.


If you kill Sadie off, your second book will have to illustrate the lengths Sadie will go to just to escape her life in hell -- which presumably would require the help of the Lord Jesus, unless there are deals that can still be cut with the devil after death. Maybe her daughters will save HER. But however much you get sick of Sadie, there she will be until your second novel is finished, with one plot or another.

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