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May 27, 2009


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Girl, you are so funny! That's a lot to go through! Are you okay now? I know our Father is keeping you! He has you in his bosom - always and forever!

One thing though, if they keep the extra payment, make sure your mortgage company applies the extra payment to your next month's mortgage payment -- and not to the principal! I had something like that happen to me!


you are certifiably retarded... and what is your obsession with the term "rat bastard"??... lol...girl, you made me weak with those last two blogs... help her, Lord...

Shoe Girl

Caroline, I LOVE you. Girl, your stories, I can't even type this message because I'm laughing so hard...but they have me ROLLING. When are you going to do your stand-up act? My chest hurting, I feel faint and I'm seeing stars b/c I'm laughing so hard. :-) I led Bible Study on Wednesday and it was titled "It's Not About Me-It's About Jesus." That message would have really had you feeling faint and seeing stars after the week you had because I know you had to be convinced that it was all about you!

Keep em' coming. I just laughed an extra 5 years to my life--laughter is indeed good for the soul.

Love you and have a good evening. See you Sunday!

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