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November 19, 2009


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This is very impressive -- it has more drama and pathos to it than "The Family That Preys." Because it is only one chapter, I'm not clear whether Talbot did rape Sadie, or whether that is a spin Sadie is threatening to put on it to see how far she can push Talbot's mother?

I doubt if Leona is half white. Probably more like 38%. After all, the Billingsleys probably descend from a handful of indentured servants who were going to be hanged for thieves in England, offered transportation and sale in the colonies as an alternative, and inter-married with their darker co-servants for a couple of generations, before The Founder made some real money and realized the advantages of being "white."


Sister Caroline, that is the most gripping, hard-hitting, tightly woven chapter you've ever posted. It's better than "The Family That Preys." Is the scenario that Sadie actually was raped by Talbot, or is that a spin she thought she could put on it if she went public (and if Pauline didn't control the credit Sadie's family needs to get their next crop in the ground)?

Of course it is quite likely that Pauline, and Talbot's father, had great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers who were sentenced to be hanged as thieves in England, offered the chance to be transported and sold in the colonies instead, married newly arrived Africans, then their grandchildren had a chance to grab some land, and THEIR children were light enough to pass for... Billingsleys! Half white child? More like 37%, considering the other plantation families they intermarried with had similar pedigrees.

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